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Meiji Internet Cafe Chassis Internet Cafe Power Supply 2 million Thanksgiving feedback


Meiji Internet Cafe Chassis-Black King Kong 2

Meiji Internet Cafe Chassis Black King Kong 2 is fully upgraded, and the hardware of the 20th anniversary commemorative edition has many advantages:

1. Made of stainless steel, fireproof and anti-theft;

2. Long-life double switch design;

3. Optimized air duct design, super heat dissipation performance;

4. Special hardware for the chassis of Internet cafes, saving more than 30% of space;

5. The optimal length is 270MM long

6. The narrowest hardware is 157MM wide

7. Support large board 410MM high



Meiji Internet Cafe Power Supply-Money Saving King Power Supply

Buy and wholesale the power supply of Meiji Internet cafes

Zero risk commitment:

1. Choose Meji Money Saving King Power Supply, and you will pay 100 if you break it;

2. If there is a batch quality problem within 3 months, a full refund will be given;

3. Three-year after-sale service with zero waiting!


It is now celebrating the 20th anniversary of Meji, and we are grateful for 2 million. You are welcome to wholesale computer cases and computer power supplies. This is a rare opportunity. Don't miss it. Please call Meji for details.

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