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What is the function of the computer case?

The computer case is a part of the computer accessories. The computer case generally includes a shell, a bracket, various switches and indicators on the panel. The shell is made of steel plate and plastic, with high hardness, which mainly protects the internal components of the case. The bracket is mainly used to fix the motherboard, power supply and various drives. At present, most mainstream computer cases are black, such as the Medal of Honor Marshal Edition case


The purpose of the computer case:

It is to pass the parts on the computer through the internal structure of the case, place these hardware supports in a certain position, and fix these hardware inside the case, so that it will not look messy. Moreover, it can protect these motherboards, graphics cards and other hardware from being damaged by collisions, and can play an elegant, anti-impact function, and the most important thing is to prevent flying dust and radiation. So it is very useful.


A good case can also achieve the effect of heat dissipation, so that even when the computer is working for a long time, it will not be high temperature when you click on it. And it also provides many easy-to-use panel switch indicators, etc., allowing the operator to more easily manipulate the computer or observe the operation of the computer.


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