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Meji Computer Case K3
Brand: Meiji
Model: K3
Applicable type: desktop computer
Chassis style: vertical
Compatible motherboard: MicroATX, ATX
Material: SECC sheet
Standard power supply: No standard power supply
Front interface: USB 2.0
Size: 44×20.2×45 (cm)
Product weight: 3 (KG)
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K3Product SeriesCool 囧 seriesInternal hardware characteristicsExternal hardware characteristics
Type of machineATX0.5SGCC0.5SPCC roasted sanding black powder
Chassis size350×180×410MM
Inventory code101020001
Product Features1. Designed according to INTEL 38℃ chassis heat dissipation standard;
2. The integrated structure of 3-inch bracket and 5-inch bracket makes the overall structure of the rack more stable; 
3.Fully compatible with ATX/MICROATX motherboard;  
4. The side panel is designed with locks to effectively ensure the safety of the internal parts of the whole machine; 
5. Front USB, audio design, convenient hardware plug-in operation;  
6. Using SGCC steel, fine workmanship, full curling does not hurt your hands;  
7. Anti-radiation and anti-static design.


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